From the history of Australian comedy through to relationship guides and travelogues, this is where you’ll find everything you need to know about the books I have written.


Published Works

Boom Boom: 100 Years Of Australian Comedy
(Hodder Headline, 1999)

Delivering The Male
(Penguin, 2000)

Girls’ Night In: Gentlemen By Invitation (anthology)
(Penguin, 2001)

Girls’ Night In 2: Big Night Out (anthology)
(Penguin, 2002)

Prince Charming: Spot The Stayers From The Players
(Landsdowne Press, 2003)

Are We There Yet? Chasing A Childhood Through South Africa
(UQP/Penguin, 2004 and Random House UK 2006)

From Russia With Lunch / A Lithuanian Odyssey 
(UQP 2008)