Gunk In The Trunk

When it comes to hair styling, repeat after me: in matte we trust. Shiny is de trop and the wet look should stay in the bathroom. Boutique brand Evo have you covered with two product that are more matt than Damon, Dillon and LeBlanc combined. First up is the Box O'Bollox - I don't get it either - Texture Paste, $29.95, which holds tighter than a codependent girlfriend at a Miss Universe pageant and carries a faint scent of spice. For something more casual, try the Cassius Cushy Clay, $29.95, which is somewhat more pliable and has a touch of the lavenders about it. Just remember to work these between your hands to ensure an even spread to the hair and apply dry. Go to for more information.

Box O Bollox Large.jpg
Posted on June 11, 2013 .